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Add rate limits to groups and projects APIs

Abdul Wadood requested to merge 421909-rate-limit-endpoints into master

What does this MR do and why?

We have rate-limited the following endpoints to prevent abuse:

  1. GET /api/v4/users/:user_id/projects
  2. GET /api/v4/users/:user_id/contributed_projects
  3. GET /api/v4/users/:user_id/starred_projects
  4. GET /api/v4/projects
  5. GET /api/v4/groups/:id/projects
  6. GET /api/v4/projects/:id
  7. GET /api/v4/groups
  8. GET /api/v4/groups/:id

The changes here have been announced in this blog post.

But we can merge this since all the changes here are behind the rate_limit_groups_and_projects_api feature flag.

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From https://gdk.test:3000/admin/application_settings/network


How to set up and validate locally

  1. Go to https://gdk.test:3000/admin/application_settings/network and adjust the limit of any one of the endpoints for instance GET /groups.
  2. Then using curl exceed that rate limit curl https://gdk.test:3000/api/v4/groups.
  3. You'll get this message after the rate limit is exceeded {"message":{"error":"This endpoint has been requested too many times. Try again later."}}.

Related to #421909 (closed)

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