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Trigger search file modal when searching (repository)

Jacques Erasmus requested to merge 430775-search-file-shortcut into master

What does this MR do and why?

Triggers the search file modal instead of navigating the the find file page when using the t shortcut or when clicking on the Find file button when navigating the repository.

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Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
Navigates to the find file page Triggers the global search modal
Screen_Recording_2024-03-27_at_14.45.42.2024-03-27_14_48_05 Screen_Recording_2024-03-27_at_14.46.08.2024-03-27_14_49_03



How to set up and validate locally

  1. Navigate to a repsitory
  2. Click on Find file or press t on the keyboard
  3. The Find file modal should appear

Related to #430775 (closed)

Edited by Jacques Erasmus

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