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Add ability to admin_terraform_state to custom roles

Hinam Mehra requested to merge 421789-admin-terraform-state-custom-role into master

What does this MR do and why?

This MR adds the ability admin_terraform_state to custom roles.

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Output of db:migrate
main: == 20240101031938 AddAdminTerraformStateToMemberRoles: migrating ==============
main: -- add_column(:member_roles, :admin_terraform_state, :boolean, {:default=>false, :null=>false})
main:    -> 0.0028s
main: == 20240101031938 AddAdminTerraformStateToMemberRoles: migrated (0.0059s) =====
Output of db:rollback
main: == 20240101031938 AddAdminTerraformStateToMemberRoles: reverting ==============
main: -- remove_column(:member_roles, :admin_terraform_state, :boolean, {:default=>false, :null=>false})
main:    -> 0.0047s
main: == 20240101031938 AddAdminTerraformStateToMemberRoles: reverted (0.0100s) =====

How to set up and validate locally

  1. Turn on SaaS Mode
% gdk restart
  1. Pick a group with at least one project, eg. gitlab-org. Would recommend picking an existing group since terraform states are seeded already.
  2. As an admin, navigate to the group's Settings > Roles & Permissions and create custom role with base role as Guest & Admin terraform state checkbox checked.
  3. Navigate to the group's members page and assign the custom role to any member of that group.
  4. Log-in as that member, navigate to a project inside that group and go to Operate > Terrform states.
  5. The user should see be able to read & manage the terraform state.

Related to #421789 (closed)

Edited by Hinam Mehra

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