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Add API for creating instance_amazon_s3_configuration for audit events

What does this MR do and why?

Add API for creating instance_amazon_s3_configurations for audit event streaming.

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  1. Visit GraphiQL explorer https://gdk.test:3000/-/graphql-explorer
  2. Run the following mutation to create a new AuditEvents::Instance::AmazonS3Configuration
mutation createInstanceAmazonS3Configuration {
  auditEventsInstanceAmazonS3ConfigurationCreate(input: {name: "AWS S3 Sanbox Instance", awsRegion: "us-east-1", accessKeyXid: "AKIA1234AKIA1234", secretAccessKey: "SECRET123SECRET123", bucketName: "gitlab-audit-logs"}) {
  1. You will get a response with the following format
  "data": {
    "auditEventsInstanceAmazonS3ConfigurationCreate": {
      "errors": [],
      "instanceAmazonS3Configuration": {
        "id": "gid://gitlab/AuditEvents::Instance::AmazonS3Configuration/9",
        "name": "AWS S3 Sanbox Instance",
        "bucketName": "gitlab-audit-logs",
        "accessKeyXid": "AKIA1234AKIA1234",
        "awsRegion": "us-east-1"
  1. Run the following in rails console and verify that a new record was created with correct attributes

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Related to #423235 (closed)

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