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Use quarantine size to check push size against repository size limit

Patrick Bajao requested to merge 11126-fix-repository-size-check into master

What does this MR do?

Use the new GetObjectDirectorySize RPC to determine the size of the quarantine directory in context of a Git push (git-receive-pack). The size will then be used to determine if the push will make the repository exceed the repository size limit. Reject the push if so.

In a pre-receive hook, the GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY_RELATIVE env var will be set to whatever the relative path of GIT_QUARANTINE_PATH is. This is a temporary location where all the new/update objects goes first before actually being migrated to the actual object directory.

This is needed as pushing multiple branches (with same blobs) at the same time (or force-pushing) will fail in the current approach as they'll be counted as different blobs.

For commits generated through GitLab, it'll fallback to use the approach of using git-rev-list as quarantine directory doesn't exist in that case.

Added a feature flag (enabled by default) just in case unforeseen issues arise when this gets released.

gitaly-proto MR: gitaly-proto!303 (merged)

gitaly MR: gitaly!1263 (merged)


  • Update gitaly-proto gem when required version gets released
  • Update GITALY_SERVER_VERSION when required version gets released

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Closes #11126 (closed)

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