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Move notifications and todos to header buttons (merge requests)

Annabel Dunstone Gray requested to merge notification-todo-button-group into master

What does this MR do and why?

Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
Screenshot_2023-09-28_at_10.29.56_AMScreenshot_2023-09-28_at_10.32.06_AM Screenshot_2023-10-04_at_1.17.05_PMScreenshot_2023-10-04_at_1.16.58_PM
Screenshot_2023-09-28_at_10.30.02_AM Screenshot_2023-09-28_at_10.21.51_AM

How to set up and validate locally

  • Enable :notifications_todos_buttons
  • Look at merge request
    • Add a todo, subscribe/unsubscribe, scroll down etc
  • Should not affect any other issuables

UX Paper Cuts 16.5 → Cleanup (#424403 - closed)

Edited by Annabel Dunstone Gray

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