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Create initial Tanuki bot api endpoint

Terri Chu requested to merge tchu-bot-create-new-api into master

What does this MR do and why?


Creates an API endpoint that receives and responds with json:

  • POST /-/llm/tanuki_bot/ask
  • { "q": "What is advanced search?" }

This is part of a series of MRs and should be reviewed and merged in this order

MR status
Add support for the embedding database (!118156 - merged) (db setup) merged
Add the tanuki_bot model (!118195 - merged) (migration) merged
Create initial Tanuki bot api endpoint (!117695 - merged) (api) in review

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How to set up and validate locally

  1. Feature.enable(:openai_experimentation)
  2. Feature.enable(:tanuki_bot)
  3. ::Gitlab::CurrentSettings.update!(openai_api_key: '<YOUR_KEY>')
  4. Follow instructions for settings up the MR dependency: Add support for the embedding database (!118156 - merged)
  5. Run migrations:
    rails db:migrate
  6. * Clone the tanuki-bot repository
  7. * cd into the pgvector folder
  8. * use asdf to install python (should be python 3.11.3)
    asdf install python
  9. * install pip
  10. * install requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  11. * run the command to copy the chroma db to the gdk postgres database
    OPENAI_API_KEY=not-an-actual-key PG_USER=<Your user> PG_HOST=<Your gdk install directory>/postgresql python
  12. Make an API request to POST /-/llm/tanuki_bot/ask

* you only need to do this once to have data in the embedding database.

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