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[15.10] Fix automatically-retried jobs stuck in pending state

Stan Hu requested to merge sh-fix-auto-retry-builds-15-10 into 15-10-stable-ee

What does this MR do and why?

This backports !116480 (merged) and !117275 (merged) to the 15-10-stable-ee branch.

This fixes an issue where concurrent runners would not pick up retried builds due to the runner tick value not being invalidated.

Previously when a job failed, Ci::RetryJobService would clone the failed job, add its own after_commit hooks, and immediately attempt to start the pipeline. However, starting a pipeline loads its own instances of Ci::Build, and for builds that are updated, the state changes add their own after_commit hooks.

For a given transaction, Rails only runs one after_commit hook for a specific model (see, so the after_commit hooks performed when starting the build would be discarded. As a result, BuildQueueWorker was never executed for the build, causing the runner tick value to be left in a stale state. Other run_after_commit blocks were not executed as well, such as build hooks.

To avoid this double after_commit business, move the starting of the pipeline into the run_after_commit block of the cloned job. This slightly delays the starting of the pipeline and the job, but it also avoids starting a Sidekiq worker inside a transaction (#398229 (closed)).

Relates to #387775 (closed)

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