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Refactor audit events for groups

What does this MR do and why?

Refactors project services to use Gitlab::Audit::Auditor for creating audit events.

  • Adds new audit event types under ee/config/audit_events/types.
  • Adds default options for audit context author + target

Verification steps

  1. Create a group and make sure it has Ultimate licence.
  2. Add an external audit event destination for then group by following steps in this doc.
  3. Now create a subgroup under the group.
  4. Make sure the deletion protection is on for groups and subgroups.
  5. Mark the subgroup for deletion by following doc, you will receive an audit event related to this with name group_deletion_marked.
  6. Restore the subgroup by following doc, you will receive an audit event with name group_restored.
  7. Delete the subgroup permanently by following doc and now you will receive audit event with name group_destroyed.

MR acceptance checklist

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Related to #374106 (closed)

Edited by Hitesh Raghuvanshi

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