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Show alert if user todos are hidden due to expired SSO session

Drew Blessing requested to merge dblessing_sso_todos_second_poc into master

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When a user is a member of a group with SAML SSO for enabled, and hasn't visited a group-level page within the last 24 hours, todos related to that group may be hidden.

While this may not be the ideal long-term solution it is a clear notice to the user that they may have hidden todos and need to re-authenticate to see those todos. The listed groups are only present if the todos point to an object/target in that group hierarchy.

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How to short circuit to show the UI even when re-auth isn't necessary.

  1. Modify ee/lib/gitlab/auth/group_saml/sso_enforcer.rb and add a return of true to the access_restricted_groups method:
        # Given an array of groups or subgroups, return an array
        # of root groups that are access restricted for the user
        def self.access_restricted_groups(groups, user: nil)
          return [] unless groups&.any?
, [:saml_provider]).execute
          root_ancestors =
 do |root_ancestor|
            group_access_restricted?(root_ancestor, user: user, for_project: true)
            true # <-------- ADD THIS HERE 
  2. Refresh/visit /dashboard/todos and the alert should appear.

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