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BE changes, feature flagged: To always perform delayed deletion

What does this MR do and why?

This is the feature flagged, backend changes for #389557 (closed).

This is part of a deprecation, which we only plan to enable in 16.0, so this feature flag is going to remain disabled until 16.0

List of changes:

Currently, the instance setting for delayed deletion looks like this:


Our proposal in #389557 (closed), is to change this instance setting into


Which means that

  • delayed deletion should become the default for both groups and projects
  • there should be no option to customize this setting, except for customizing the retention period (7 days, in the picture)
  • there should be no option to enable immediate deletion (as of today, 0 days is not a permitted value, so immediate deletion cannot be configured at the instance level after this change is made, in any manner.)

This MR contains the BE changes to make this proposal a reality:

When the feature flag is enabled:

  • Delayed deletion will become the default for all groups and projects on self-managed (Premium+) and for groups and projects on .com that are Premium+
  • ApplicationSettingsController will no longer consider delayed_project_deletion and delayed_group_deletion as permitted params.
  • ApplicationSettings API will stop exposing delayed_project_deletion and delayed_group_deletion attributes.

Related frontend changes have not been done yet, but since these changes are behind a feature flag, it is safe to merge this alone.

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