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Improve devise error_message

What does this MR do and why?

As a first iteration of #384351, this MR improves error messages UI by using Pajamas Alert component.


This change will affect:

  • app/views/devise/confirmations/new.html.haml
  • app/views/devise/passwords/edit.html.haml
  • app/views/devise/passwords/new.html.haml
  • app/views/devise/registrations/edit.html.erb
  • app/views/devise/shared/_signup_box.html.haml
  • app/views/devise/unlocks/new.html.haml
  • app/views/registrations/welcome/show.html.haml

Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
image image

How to set up and validate locally

  1. Navigate to signup form http://localhost:3000/users/sign_up
  2. use an already use email address, like in GDK
  3. press Register

MR acceptance checklist

This checklist encourages us to confirm any changes have been analyzed to reduce risks in quality, performance, reliability, security, and maintainability.

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