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Attempt reading schema file instead of a file named `#{report_version}`

What does this MR do and why?

Make Gitlab::Ci::Parsers::Security::Validators::SchemaValidator attempt reading the actual schema file located under ee/lib/ee/gitlab/ci/parsers/security/validators/schemas/#{report_version}/#{report-type}-report-format.json instead of a file named #{report_version}.

Related to #390154 (closed)

How to set up and validate locally

  1. git checkout v15.4.0-ee
  2. Grab report from #390154 (comment 1262264836)
  3. Run the following script in Rails console
stub = 1) # Alternatively you can pass in an existing Project but it's used only for logging purposes
validator ='dast', JSON.parse("/path/to/report/pretty-gl-dast-report.json")), "15.0.2", project: stub)
  1. It should return errors outlined in #390154 (comment 1262378754)
  2. Switch to this branch
  3. Rerun the script from step 2
  4. No errors should be shown

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