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What does this MR do?

Setup GDK

  • Make sure you have an Ultimate license for your local instance.
  • Enable the following feature flags via the Rails console (run rails c in gdk-ee/gitlab):
    • sign_up_on_sso
    • enforced_sso
    • group_managed_accounts
    • group_scim
  • Follow gdk saml docs, adding he following changes to your gitlab.yaml file:
      - { name: 'group_saml' }
  • Enable SAML Single Sign On for one of your groups (e.g., gitlab-org):
    • Go to your group -> Settings -> SAML SSO
    • Setup SAML as follows


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CE port:

What are the relevant issue numbers?

#5292 (closed)


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Closes #5292 (closed)

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