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    Add defense-in-depth against mass assignment in authn/z controllers · a77b872b
    Nick Malcolm authored
    In the future, we might make a change to how we handle user request
    parameters in a way that has unexpected and undesired consequence;
    specifically mass assignment vulnerabilities. (There are currently
    none known). These additional unit tests and/or explicit type-casts are
    intended to defend against that future scenario.
    For example: attempting to brute force a password by sending many
    passwords in a single request for a single user should never work. Nor
    should sending multiple OTP codes. The reason they _might_
    inadvertently work is because Ruby / Rails often doesn't mind if you
    send a string or an array of strings. For example:
    # POST /vulnerable?
    > User.find_by(email: params[:email])
    # User Load (3.4ms)  SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE "users"."email" = '' LIMIT 1
    => nil
    # We expect email to be a string, but what if it's not?
    # POST /vulnerable?email[][]=ad...