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Add fleeting subcommand to manage fleeting plugins

Arran Walker requested to merge ajwalker/support-fleeting-artifacts into main

What does this MR do?

Adds a fleeting sub-command to gitlab-runner.

fleeting itself has the following sub-commands:

  • install to install plugins based on the version constraint found within autoscaler.plugin.
    • upgrade argument will upgrade and install later versions matching the provided version constraint.
  • list to list already installed plugins and their path.
  • login to store credentials for a registry.

Why was this MR needed?

We needed a way to easily install fleeting plugins.

What's the best way to test this MR?

  • Create runner-test.toml:

      name = "runner-test"
      token = "abcdefghijk"
      executor = "instance"
        plugin = "aws:0.0.0-bleeding" # or gitlab-org/fleeting/plugins/aws will also work.
          name = "linux-test"
  • Run gitlab-runner fleeting -c runner-test.toml list and see that the list is empty (no plugin found).

  • Run gitlab-runner fleeting -c runner-test.toml install to install the plugin and have the path reported.

  • Run gitlab-runner fleeting -c runner-test.toml list and confirm a plugin now exists and will be used.

  • Run ./gitlab-runner --debug run -c runner-test.toml and confirm that the plugin is being used (plugin: starting plugin: path=)

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