GitLab Mattermost is an open source, on-premises Slack alternative

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GitLab Mattermost

GitLab Mattermost is a team communication service for sharing messages and files across PCs and phones, with archiving, instant search and integration with GitLab Single-Sign-On.

*Screenshot: GitLab Mattermost desktop application on Windows with GitLab theme

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Get the Apps!

Download iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux apps for GitLab Mattermost, offering single-sign-on to Mattermost with your GitLab account.

Android App

GitLab Mattermost features include:

Messaging and File Sharing

  • Send messages, comments, files and images across public, private and 1-1 channels
  • Personalize notifications for unreads and mentions by channel and keyword
  • Use #hashtags to tag and find messages, discussions and files

Archiving and Search

  • Import Slack user accounts and channel archives
  • Search public and private channels for historical messages and comments
  • View recent mentions of your name, username, nickname, and custom search terms

Anywhere Access

  • Use Mattermost from web-enabled PCs and phones
  • Attach sound, video and image files from mobile devices
  • Define team-specific branding and color themes across your devices

Self-Host Ready

  • Host and manage dozens of teams from a single server instance behind your firewall
  • System Console and command line tools for managing essential IT administration functions
  • LDAP/Active Directory connectivity to Mattermost enabled via GitLab Single-Sign-On

How to Install GitLab Mattermost

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