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    Support Markdown rendering using multiple projects · daad7144
    Yorick Peterse authored
    This refactors the Markdown pipeline so it supports the rendering of
    multiple documents that may belong to different projects. An example of
    where this happens is when displaying the event feed of a group. In this
    case we retrieve events for all projects in the group. Previously we
    would group events per project and render these chunks separately, but
    this would result in many SQL queries being executed. By extending the
    Markdown pipeline to support this out of the box we can drastically
    reduce the number of SQL queries.
    To achieve this we introduce a new object to the pipeline:
    Banzai::RenderContext. This object simply wraps two other objects: an
    optional Project instance, and an optional User instance. On its own
    this wouldn't be very helpful, but a RenderContext can also be used to
    associate HTML documents with specific Project instances. This work is
    done in Banzai::ObjectRenderer and allows us to reuse as many queries
    (and results) as possible.
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