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    Stop calling UnlinkRepositoryFromObjectPool RPC · 35b9274f
    Jacob Vosmaer authored
    Fixes https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/59777.
    In earlier iterations of our implementation of Git object deduplication
    we thought we would be making extensive use of Git remotes in pool
    repositories in the future, and that we should manage these remotes
    carefully from the start. We now expect we only care about one remote,
    namely the source project. The other remotes are there only for forensic
    Before this MR we tried to also remove pool remotes when member projects
    got deleted, with the UnlinkRepositoryFromObjectPool RPC. This is
    fragile when there are race conditions (see
    gitlab-org/gitaly#1568 (comment 153955926)). We
    have spent some time making this RPC less fragile in
    gitlab-org/gitaly!1151 but looking at
    this problem again, I think we should just stop calling it.
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