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    Add endpoint to move multiple issues · 69e02904
    Patrick Derichs authored
    Add specs for new endpoint to move multiple issues.
    Add changelog entry
    Just check the first issue for the ability to move / update
    Add specs for exceeding limits and malformed requests
    Changed name of shared examples
    Change title of changelog entry
    Use %i instead of %w
    Check permission to update issue on project instead of board
    Use admin_issue permission to check for issue move ability
    Changed variable name to avoid shadow issue_params method
    Rename route to bulk_move
    Change route definition
    Check permissions for each issue
    Combine methods for parameters permit check
    Remove extra context
    Change description of context
    Check param for type Array
    Add unit tests to MoveService
    Use before_action for permission check
    Use set instead of let!
    Use let's instead of set
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