Deleting a user shouldn't delete associated issues.

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What does this MR do?

  • Deleting a user should not delete associated issues

Are there points in the code the reviewer needs to double check?

  • The User.ghost method creates a ghost user whose email/user doesn't conflict with any existing user in the system. This uses an Enumerator - it works well, but the code feels a little complicated.

  • A user's issues are deleted in one-by-one (user.issues.each(&:destroy)). We could potentially use update_all here, although that would skip all callbacks.


  • Ideas to look into
    • Permissions for the ghost user
    • Turn off anything else for the ghost user?
    • Any other options while creating the ghost user?
  • Implementation
    • A user's issues are assigned to a ghost user when the user is deleted
    • EE pricing by user - exclude ghost user
      • Ghost user is a user with state = 'ghost' (which automatically makes the user inactive)
      • Don't allow state transitions from 'ghost' to anything else
      • Verify that the ghost user doesn't count towards the license limit
    • Turn off notifications for the ghost user
    • Performance: A user with 1000s of created issues is deleted
  • Tests
    • Added
    • Passing
  • Meta
    • CHANGELOG entry created
    • API support added
    • Branch has no merge conflicts with master
    • Squashed related commits together
    • Added screenshots
    • Check for clean merge with EE
  • Review
    • Miniboss (nick.thomas)
      • Reuse Namespace#clean_path to create the ghost user
      • Avoid race condition while creating ghost users
      • Bulk update issues (update_all)
      • Make ghost a boolean, and enforce that all ghosts are blocked
    • Endboss (rymai)
      • Write tests for Uniquify
      • Tests for database advisory locks
      • User who is continually creating issues can't be deleted
  • Final implementation
    • Don't allow deleting the ghost user (validation)
      • Backend validation
      • Hide the "Delete" button if the user doesn't have access
    • Describe the ghost user in the "Bio" section
  • Wait for merge

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