Ability to move issue to another project

Grzegorz Bizon requested to merge feature/issue-move into master


  • Create scaffold of service that will move issue to another project.
  • Close old issue, add system note about moving issue to a new project.
  • Create a new issue, add system note about issue being moved from old project.
  • Check if issue can be moved to another project before executing service
  • Check permissions when moving an issue (:admin_issue ability)
  • Display select box for a new project when editing an issue
  • Show only projects that issue can be moved into in that select box
  • Add project select handler, helper and some permission filters to it
  • Preserve as much information as possible, including author
  • Prepare mechanisms that unfolds local references in issue description
  • Rewrite issue description with references unfolding and add some specs for it
  • Rewrite all system notes and comments attached to issue that is being moved
  • Update Label so that is was able to create cross reference labels (separate MR)
  • Add notifications about moving issue to another project
  • Display confirmation alert/message when issue move has been requested
  • Make it possible to undo selecting project where issue will be moved to
  • Add column to issue, that will indicate if it has been moved to another project
  • Do not allow to move issue that has been already moved
  • Write top-to-bottom feature spec in RSpec instead of Spinach




Closes #3024 (closed)

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