Add Todos

Douglas Barbosa Alexandre requested to merge tasks into master



  • Prepare database
  • Create a new table (todos)
  • Tasks Queue view
  • Add a number icon showing the number of todos on the top right next to the new and logout button that will redirect the user to the todos page
  • Add a chronological list of todos, with the 'Todos' tab active by default
  • Add a 'Done' button to each todo
  • Add filters (project, author, type, and action)
  • Todos generation
  • When user issue/mr is assgined to someone
  • When user is mentioned on (issues/mr's/comments)
  • Mark todo as done
  • When clicks on the 'Done' button
  • When edit issue/mr
  • When left/edit a comment
  • When reassign issue/mr
  • When add/remove labels to issue/mr
  • When issue/mr is closed
  • When mr is merged
  • When added an emoji
  • When changed the issue/mr milestone
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