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Update rebasing to use the new two-phase Gitaly Rebase RPC

Luke Duncalfe requested to merge 5966-rebase-with-block into master

What does this MR do?

This MR adds support for the new two-phase Gitaly Rebase RPC gitaly!1208 (merged).

The Rebase RPC yields the rebase commit SHA to the client before proceeding with the rebase. This allows Rails to update the merge request's rebase_commit_sha with the SHA before the rebase continues.

With the existing UserRebase RPC the rebase commit SHA is returned only when the call has fully completed, and in some cases, this would be after the Rails PostReceive-triggered worker services had already run. In these situations, the merge request did not yet have its rebase_commit_sha attribute set, causing a bug where approvals would be reset (and possibly other subtle bugs).


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