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Disable PostgreSQL fsync for faster CI

Stan Hu requested to merge sh-disable-postgresql-fsync-ci into master

Turning off durability settings in PostgreSQL in CI appears to improve specs by 16%.

Using the API data, the 50 rspec-pg success test runs between master and this branch:

Total before Total after Delta % Speedup
70836 s (19.7 hours) 59652 s (16.6 hours) 11184 s (3.1 hours) 16
require 'json'

def select_pg_jobs(filename)
  jobs = JSON.parse( { |x| x['name'].start_with?('rspec-pg ') && x['status'] == 'success' }

master = select_pg_jobs('master.json')
fsync = select_pg_jobs('no-fsync.json')

puts { |x| x['duration'] }.sum
puts { |x| x['duration'] }.sum


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