Play all manual jobs in a stage

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What does this MR do?

Adds implementation to play all manual jobs in a stage

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Screen_Shot_2019-04-18_at_4.37.32_PM play_all_2

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Performance and testing

To do


  • On 'Play all' endpoint return 'button title', 'icon name'
  • Specs for the services and the endpoints
  • Refactor
  • Fix performance problem
  • Manual QA
  • Compare performance of this solution with the manual current solution. (can be done in a follow up issue)


  • Render action component in each stage column when play_all is provided
  • Add specs

Closes #28741 (closed)

Manual QA

With only manual stages With stages that are not manual  With a combination of manual and different stages
Screen_Shot_2019-04-30_at_3.30.06_PM Button appears for every stage Screen_Shot_2019-04-30_at_3.29.06_PM Button does not appear Screen_Shot_2019-04-30_at_3.07.29_PM Button appears for manual stages only
Activating multiple manual stages at once
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