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Update gitlab-ui dependency to 1.8.0-hotfix.1

Clement Ho requested to merge 11-4-stable-gitlab-ui-ie11 into 11-4-stable

What does this MR do?

11.4 had a ~P1 ~S1 regression that broke some functionality in IE11 (eg. viewing issues). This MR updates the gitlab-ui dependency version to 1.8.0-ie11 which contains that fix and has been specifically published to include just this ie11 patch.

The latest version of gitlab-ui has a lot more changes which makes it more difficult to ~"Pick into 11.4", that's why we've created the specific version and created this MR specifically for 11-4-stable

gitlab-ui v1.8.0-hotfix.1 tag: MR for creating v1.8.0-hotfix.1 tag: gitlab-ui!74 (closed)

Fix for IE11: gitlab-ui!71 (merged)
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What are the relevant issue numbers?

gitlab-ui#77 (closed)

Does this MR meet the acceptance criteria?

Closes #11 (closed)

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