Fix encoding of branch names on compare and new merge request page

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What does this MR do?

Remove unnecessary encoding from dropdowns on compare and new merge request pages.

Why was this MR needed?

Branches with special characters couldn't be found.


Before After
Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.40.27 Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.40.58
Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.38.13 Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.36.54
Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.39.38 Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.37.18
Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.39.58 Screen_Shot_2018-05-25_at_18.37.38

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