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Make Gitaly no downtime upgrades work again in 16.9

Stan Hu requested to merge sh-backport-git-2.42-16-9 into 16-9-stable

NOTE: This merge request targets the 16-9-stable branch.

In GitLab 16.9, !6624 (merged) bumped the default version of Git from v2.42 to v2.43 and stopped the building of Git v2.42. However, this broke no-downtime upgrades from GitLab 16.8 to 16.9 because:

  1. GitLab 16.8 defaults to Git v2.42.

  2. The runtime directory symlinks to the Git v2.42 binaries in /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin, but after an upgrade to 16.9 those binariees are removed in Omnibus GitLab.

This commit makes Gitaly no-downtime upgrades work again from 16.8 to 16.9 by partially reverting !6624 (merged) so that Git v2.42 is included even if it's not used.

Relates to #5927 (closed)

Edited by Stan Hu

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