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One-liner for agent manifest generation

Related to gitlab-org/gitlab#294411 (closed)

Usage Examples

$ docker run --rm -it
Program aborted: subcommand not specified
  agent-cli [command]

Available Commands:
  generate                  Prints the YAML manifests based on specified configuration
$ docker run --rm -it generate -h
Usage of /app/cmd/cli/cli_linux:
      --agent-token string     Access token registered for agent
      --agent-version string   Version of the agentk image to use (default "v0.0.0")
      --kas-address string     GitLab Kubernetes Agent Server address
      --namespace string       Kubernetes namespace to create resources in (default "gitlab-agent")
      --no-rbac                Do not include corresponding Roles and RoleBindings for the agent service account
      --version                Print version and exit
$ docker run --rm -it generate \
  --agent-token=foo \
  --kas-address=grpc:// \
Edited by Marshall Cottrell

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