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Make Toon Claes a database maintainer

Toon -Claes requested to merge tc-toon-db-maintainer into master


  • Joined GitLab almost 3 years ago: since January 2017
  • Database Trainee: since June 2019 - #4710 (closed)

As Database Trainee

Becoming DB Maintainer

I had a chat with @mayra-cabrera, and as I understood, she felt I was ready to become a database maintainer.

There is still a lot to learn, but that will probably never stop, so I want to step up and take my DB responsibilities to the next level. I want to help out with distributing the load across DB maintainers and I feel confident I can help keeping a high quality and help out making/keeping GitLab be performant. I won't have all the answers, so from time to time I'll ask for help from the other maintainers or also reviewers.

@abrandl @mayra-cabrera what do you think?

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