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Engineer(s): @engineers | Product Marketing: @PMM | Tech Writer: @techwriter | Engineering Manager: @EM

Please review the guidelines for feature block creation at They are frequently updated, and everyone should make sure they are aware of the current standards (PM, PMM and TW).

PM release post item checklist

  • Structure
    • Screenshot/video is included (optional for secondary items).
    • Check that image size < 150KB.
    • Check if the image shadow is applied correctly. Add image_noshadow: true when an image already has a shadow.
    • Remove any remaining instructions (comments).
    • Feature is added to data/features.yml (with accompanying screenshots).
  • Frontmatter
    • Check feature availability frontmatter (available_in:) is correct: (Core, Starter, Premium, Ultimate).
    • Ensure videos and iframes added within the feature description are wrapped in <figure class="video_container"> tags (for responsiveness).
    • Check documentation link points to the latest docs (documentation_link:), and includes the anchor to the relevant section on the page if possible.
    • Check that all links to content are relative URLs.
  • Content
    • Check title is in sentence case, and feature and product names are in capital case.
    • Ensure that the title and description clearly explain the user problem we're solving and the value we're delivering. Make clear if it is a new feature, or an improvement to an existing feature.
    • Check that documentation is updated, very clearly talks about the feature (mentions it by name).
    • Run the content through an automated spelling and grammar check.
    • Validate all links are functional and have meaningful text for SEO (e.g., "click here" is bad link text).


When the above is complete and the content is ready for review, it should be reviewed by Product Marketing and Tech Writing. Please assign the PMM and Tech writer to the MR when it is ready to be reviewed!

  • Tech writer and PMM assigned for review
    • Tech writer reviewed and approved
    • PMM reviewed and approved

PMM review

  • PMM review
    • problem/solution: Does this describe the user's pain without this feature and why this feature alleviates that pain?
    • short/pithy: Is this communicated clearly with the fewest words possible?
    • tone clarify: Is the language and sentence structure clear and grammatically correct?
    • technical clarity: Does it make sense what this feature does even for folks who don't know anything about GitLab?

Tech writing review

  • Verify Frontmatter:
    • Check that all links and URLs are wrapped in single quotes ' (documentation_link: '').
    • Check that name fields are wrapped in double quotes " (name: "Lorem ipsum").
    • No useless whitespace (end of line spaces, double spaces, extra blank lines, and lines with only spaces).
  • Links
    • Verify all links (including in feature description) work and that anchors are valid (note: the H1 (top) anchor on a docs page is not valid). Links should not redirect.
    • Verify that the feature is clearly mentioned in the linked documentation. If not, suggest a better doc link. If none exists, note this and raise an issue for creation of documentation if needed.
  • Content
    • Check that there are no typos or grammar mistakes, but style is up to the PM and PMM.
    • Ignoring style, verify that content accurately describes the feature based on your understanding of it.


Once all content is reviewed and complete, add the Ready label and assign this issue to the engineering manager. The EM is responsible for merging as soon as the implementing issue is deployed to, after which this content will appear on the Release page and can be included in the next release post. All release post items must be merged on or before the 17th of the month. If a feature is not ready by the 17th deadline, the EM should push the release post item to the next milestone.


  • Feature Issue:
  • Feature MR (optional):
  • Release post (optional):
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