Availability over Velocity

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This is a handbook-first attempt to have a e-group level discussion about altering our development culture to favor GitLab.com availability and security over velocity. It's a WIP because the discussion has not been had yet.

It'm my thesis that our current culture, which I'd characterize as "velocity above everything" accidentally incentives individuals to take unnecessary risk which results in GitLab.com being below our enterprise standards.

This change is meant to specifically invert availability and velocity. But I added security in there because it belongs in the same statement. There is no tension between security and velocity at the moment however.

See this doc for more detail: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I1HVK4ktiyY6-t6HGwaSaQk8mIMNhIFXCSVl9mZWhAE/edit

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