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[GA] Vulnerability Explanation

🤖 GitLab Bot 🤖 requested to merge abellucci/threat_insights_10642 into master

Team members for review and approval: Engineer(s): @engineers | Product Marketing: @PMM | Tech Writer: @rdickenson | Product Designer(s): @ProductDesigners

Engineering Manager to merge when the feature is deployed and enabled: @EM

Important note on tier labels: Until further notice, due to change management reasons, please leverage label core to indicate 'free' tier in all code and templates.

Please review the guidelines for content block creation at They are frequently updated, and everyone should make sure they are aware of the current standards (PM, PMM, EM, and TW). There are separate (and slightly different) templates for primary and secondary features, bugs, removals, and upgrade notes. Please make sure to use the right template!

Please be aware deprecations follow a different process in a different project and you should not be using this MR template unless you are making edits to a release post prior to 14.4.


  • Feature Issue (required): gitlab-org&10642 (closed)
  • Pricing theme MR (required for primary features in Premium or Ultimate only):
  • Feature MR (optional):
  • Feature Flag Issue (optional):

Key dates

  • By Monday of the week the milestone ends: PMs should draft/submit for review ALL release post item content, whether they are feature or recurring blocks, earlier and no later than the Monday of the week the milestone ends.
  • By Thursday, the day before the milestone ends: All required TW reviews as well as any optional PMM and PM Director/Group Manager reviews and resulting revisions should get done no later than Thursday, the day before the milestone ends.
  • By the Friday the milestone ends: Release post items need to be marked with the Ready label in order to be merged for the current release post.
  • By the end of the Friday the milestone ends: EMs will merge RP items with the Ready label by the end of day 11:59PM PT on the Friday the milestone ends. Any MRs merged into master after 11:59PM PDT will not make the release post and need to follow this process:

If you need to make a change or addition to a release post item after 11:59PM PT on the Friday the milestone ends, open a new MR targeting the release-X-Y branch and assign to the Release Post Manager, with @mention of the lead Tech Writer and PMM. Please do not re-target the existing MR. Revisions for content in the release post branch should be made with new MRs targeted to the release post branch. It is important you follow the instructions on how to create a new MR to the release X-Y branch in Adding, editing, or removing merged content blocks after the Monday of release week and before the release date. It's highly recommended the PM connect with the release post manager to make sure content can still be added prior to creating the new MR.

Notes: Drafting release post content well in advance of the Monday of the week the milestone ends is highly recommended so reviews/revisions can happen in a rolling fashion and not bottleneck against the merge due date which is the Friday the milestone ends.

Getting ready for merge

Reminder: Make sure any feature flags have been enabled or removed!

Once all content is reviewed and complete, add the Ready label and set the Engineering Manager (EM) as the Assignee. The EM is responsible for merging as soon as the implementing feature is deployed to, after which this content will appear on the Release page and can be included in the next release post. All release post items must be merged on or before the Friday the milestone ends. If a feature is not ready by the due date of the Friday the milestone ends the EM should push the release post item to the next milestone.

PM release post item checklist

Expand for Details

Please only mark a section as completed once you performed all individual checks!

  • Set yourself as the Assignee.
  • Why? – The benefit of this feature to the user is clearly explained
    • What is the problem we are solving for the user, and how is the situation improved?
    • Be specific about the problem, using examples so that the reader can recall the last time they had that problem.
    • Be specific about the solution, using examples so that the reader can quickly understand the improvement.
    • Describe the benefits in terms of outcomes like productivity, efficiency, velocity, communication.
    • Avoid feature language, like removing a limitation, that focusses on the product and not our users.
    • Avoid assumed knowledge, assume a customer or prospect will be linked this description without context.
  • Title:
  • Content:
    • Make it clear if it is a new feature, or an improvement to an existing feature.
    • If your item is a deprecation, upgrade or removal reference the appropriate section in the release-posts handbook page for guidance. Please also see communication guidelines for breaking changes.
    • Make sure your content is reasonably aligned with guidance in Writing about features
    • Check title is in sentence case, and feature and product names are in capital case.
    • Run the content through an automated spelling and grammar check.
    • Validate all links are functional and have meaningful text for SEO (e.g., "click here" is bad link text).
  • Images and Video:
    • Screenshot or video is included (required for all changes with a visible UI component). Consider preferring a speed run video since this will showcase your feature better, and also serve as a functional test to validate that it actually works as expected.
    • Check that the image follows the image guidelines. It should be less than 150kb, and minimizes empty space. You may need to make your browser window smaller before taking the screenshot to bring UI elements closer together, or crop the image afterwards.
    • Check if the image shadow is applied correctly. Add image_noshadow: true when an image already has a shadow.
    • Ensure the videos added to the frontmatter use /embed, not /watch, URLs (e.g. more info here.
    • Ensure that the YouTube link points to the domain as this will allow the video to render in the review app correctly.
    • Ensure videos and iframes added within the feature description are wrapped in <figure class="video_container"> tags (for responsiveness).
    • Clean up video captions; auto-generated captions often mangle technical terms.
    • Ensure screenshots have realistic looking data. Avoid screenshots that say "test", "demo", "example".
    • Remove any remaining instructions (comments).
  • Frontmatter:
    • Check feature availability frontmatter (available_in:) is correct: (Core, Premium, Ultimate). Make sure to set gitlab_com: false when the feature isn't available for users. Settings are also available for features only available for users.
    • Check documentation link points to the latest docs (documentation_link:), and includes the anchor to the relevant section on the page if possible. If documentation is not yet available/merged for the feature in question, you may use a placeholder or use the link where the documentation will be added (often the engineer and tech writer know this ahead of time). Be sure to update this placeholder prior to publication if you do not use the final link.
    • Check that documentation is updated, very clearly talks about the feature (mentions it by the same name consistently in all resources).
    • Check that all links to content are relative URLs.
  • For any top or primary features:
    • Be sure to include or revise the features.yml file as needed, as described in the Handbook
    • Be sure to label your MR release post itemprimary to help the Messaging Lead find and review it for the release post. (Note that if your MR was auto-generated through your feature issue, you can skip this step)
  • Review Experiment, Beta, and General Availability guidelines
  • Add Reviewers: Once the above are complete, add the Tech Writer, PMM, and Group Manager or Director as Reviewers.
  • If this MR is a community contribution, consider nominating the contributor for MVP.
    • Search the www-gitlab-com repo for "Release Post X.Y MVP Nominations" (example), or
    • Check the #release-post channel in Slack for the most recent call for MVP Nominations.
    • (The MVP Nomination issue is generated around the 3rd of each month, so there is a period of time between the 18th-3rd when an open nomination issue may not yet exist.)

Pricing theme updates for Premium and Ultimate primary features

This is required as part of the release post workflow. However, since review/alignment on this may take longer than the release post allows, please use a separate MR to de-couple timeline dependencies.

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  • In the bottom right corner of this screen, copy the name of the "Source branch"
  • Create a new branch
  • Paste the name of this branch into the name and append it with "-pricing-theme"
  • Select this branch name as the source from the "Create from" field


  • Click "Create Branch"
  • Click the "Create merge request" button that appears near the top of the UI
  • Choose the Pricing Theme template in the new MR and follow the steps in the template


When the above is complete and the content is ready for review, it must be reviewed by Tech Writing. It can also be reviewed by Product Marketing, Product Design, and the Product Leader for this area.

Use the Reviewers for Merge Requests feature in GitLab when adding team members for content reviews. Reviewers will then approve the MR and remove themselves from Reviewers when their review is complete.

Tip: Try using the Review App in this MR to see exactly how the release post item is rendered. This can help you catch issues that are harder to spot in YAML. Once this MR is merged, you can also see it on the release preview page prior to content assembly.

Tech writer review

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After the technical writer from the corresponding group is added as a reviewer to this merge request, they will perform their review.

Please mark a section as complete only after you performed all individual checks!

  • Feature:
  • Name/title:
    • Try to limit to 7 words (not including articles or prepositions).
    • Use sentence case.
  • available_in: and gitlab_com:
    • Ensure available_in: is correct and matches the docs and features.yml if applicable.
    • Ensure gitlab_com: is accurately set to true or false.
  • Documentation link:
    • Ensure the documentation_link links to the correct document and anchor, and is wrapped in single quotes. Not every release item links to an exact match in the documentation. Just ensure the link seems somewhat appropriate.
    • Do not link to the H1 (top) anchor on a docs page. Links should not redirect.
    • The documentation_link is wrapped in single quotes and name: "Lorem ipsum" wrapped in double quotes (for example, '').
  • Image URL:
  • Video URL:
    • Use the /embed/ YouTube URL path and not the ?watch= parameter.
    • Ensure the PM has reviewed the captions for clarity.
  • Links:
    • Make sure the linked issue_url or epic_url is correct.
    • Verify that all links and anchors work as intended. Links to pages on are given by the relative path, not absolute.
  • Description:
    • Review the content. Make sure it accurately describes the feature based on your understanding.
    • Stay consistent with the documentation. All resources (docs, release post, features.yml, etc.) should refer to the feature the same way, including capitalization.
    • Look for typos or grammar mistakes.
    • Review use of whitespace and bulleted lists. Will the release post item be easily scannable when published? Consider adding line breaks or breaking content into bullets if you have more than a few sentences.
    • Avoid acronyms as much as possible.
    • Ensure code is wrapped in code blocks.
    • Remove unnecessary spaces (end of line spaces, double spaces, extra blank lines, and lines with only spaces).


  • If checklist items are incomplete, tell the PMs or other team members. You can remove yourself as a reviewer, but request to be added back after the missing tasks are done.
  • After all checklist items are done, approve the merge request, select your checkbox in the review checklist, and remove yourself from the list of reviewers. Your job is done!

PMM review

PMM Review is Optional

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Please only mark this section as completed once you performed all individual checks! When your review is complete, please approve this MR and remove yourself from Reviewers.

  • PMM review
    • problem/solution: Does this describe the user pain points (problem) as well as how the new feature removes the paint points (solves the problem)?
    • short/pithy: Is this communicated clearly with the fewest words possible?
    • tone clarify: Is the language and sentence structure clear and grammatically correct?
    • technical clarity: Does the description of the feature make sense for various audiences, including folks who are not deeply familiar with GitLab?
    • Check/copyedit all your content blocks (including links/images)
    • If you think any features should change from primary to secondary, add a suggestion to the release post item and ping the PM owner to review.
    • Check/copyedit features.yml

EM release post item checklist

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  • Set at least one code MR as a blocker for this MR by going to Edit > Merge request dependencies. Setting a code blocker improves clarity, and prevents premature merge. If no feature MR exists, go to the most relevant issue and click "Create merge request" to create an empty merge request. Use the [feature flag rollout issue( if one exists.
  • When this MR is labeled as Ready and assigned to you:
    • Confirm the feature is in the release and note the following:
      • Be aware that merging code to master "does not guarantee that the feature will be in the release" (source).
      • If in doubt, you should confirm the feature commits are in the x-y-stable-ee branch (for example, 13-12-stable-ee).
      • Changes merged into master 1+ day prior to x-y-stable-ee branch being created will likely be included in the release and release post for those features can be merged, unless there are incident blocking pipelines or a broken master.
      • You can also use the chatops command /chatops run release check [MR_URL] [RELEASE] to check if the MR will be included in the release.
      • Note: for any MRs merged close to the cutoff date, the results are not definitive until the stable branch is cut. If the code is not in the release or the deadline has passed, update this merge request's milestone accordingly and leave this unchecked.
    • If the feature has a feature flag, verify it is enabled by default.
    • If before 11:59PM PT on the Friday the milestone ends, merge this merge request to the master branch. If after that time, but you believe this should be merged late, follow the process for late additions and be sure to inform the release post manager.
Edited by Russell Dickenson

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