Reinstate missing Caldigit thunderbolt dock entry

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Why is this change being made?

Caldigit Thunderbolt docks were removed from the expenses list in !96651 (diffs), but these have long been a required purchase for team members working with Macbook Pros. These docks (either the TS3 or the new TS4) are effectively a requirement for anyone using an external monitor/keyboard/mouse, and absolutely required for multiple displays; which are recommended and expensable. The $80 listed item for a USB-C dock is not equivalent, as a note, and only results in wasted money on expensing items that won't work. We have hundreds of engineers with these docks already and these docks are the only ones we have previously endorsed.

I don't believe the IT team were aware of this change and that MR provides no reason for why they were removed.

I've set the price to the official MSRP from Caldigit and added a description that hopefully clarifies this is largely only needed for multiple display setups.

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