Prioritized Labels
  • Community contribution
    Merge requests created from non GitLab employees
  • Handbook: Customer Success
    Changes to the Customer Success handbook. / www-gitlab-com
  • security
    Things that affect security of, self-managed instances, or GitLab corporation that need the attention of the Security Department
  • Blog: Priority
    Indicates a blog that is high priority.
  • release
    Issues and merge requests related to GitLab stable releases
  • GitLab EE
  • CEO interview
    Blog post suggested by the CEO / www-gitlab-com
  • Other Labels
  • 1st contribution
    First contribution from a community member
  • 2021Q1 Latency Degradation
  • 22Q1-okr-fp&a
  • ABM 60 day
    Issues & Epics related to ABM 60 day launch plan (2019-12-01 to 2019-12-31)
  • ABM 90 day
    Issues & Epics related to ABM 90 day launch plan (2020-01-01 to 2020-01-31)
    Issues that the Account Based team should be aware of but are not the DRI for
  • ABM Nomination
    Used to track accounts nominated for account based marketing
  • ABM blocked
  • ABM campaign
    Issues & epics related to account based marketing campaigns
  • ABM tier 1
    all issues and epics related to ABM tier 1 campaigns
  • ABM tier 2
    All issues and epics related to ABM tier 2 campaigns
  • ABM tier 3
    All issues and epics related to ABM tier 3 campaigns
  • ABM-HB Update
    Handbook update for the ABM team.
  • AR-ApprovalNeeds Manager Approval
    Access Request pending Manager Approval
  • ARIn Queue
    Access Requests with assigned, approval labels, and ready to go
  • ARNeeds info
    this access request needs information to move forward
  • AROn hold
    Access Request pending licenses
  • ATAM
    Part of the Annual Total Addressable Market review
  • AUP - Policy / www-gitlab-com
  • Accepting Merge Requests / www-gitlab-com