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Remove overriding cron worker schedule for ExpireBuildArtifactsWorker

What does this MR do?

In !1368 (merged), we set an overriding cron schedule for the ExpireBuildArtifactsWorker to prevent it from running, as a mitigation for gitlab-com/gl-infra/production#5952 (closed), which was blocking deployments.

Code changes to add more granular feature flag control and minimize database impact are being made in gitlab-org/gitlab!76504 (merged).

When those changes are merged, we can re-enable this worker to begin expiring artifacts again. In the event of another service degradation, we have a mitigation strategy of turning off feature flags and manually vacuuming the ci_job_artifacts table, which will restore good service if there's a recurrence of gitlab-com/gl-infra/production#5952 (closed) for whatever reason.

Author Check-list

Please read the Contributing document and once you do, complete the following:

  • Assign to the correct reviewer per the contributing document
  • Apply the correct metadata per the contributing document
  • Link to related MRs for applying the changes on other environments
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  • If necessary link to a Criticality 4 Change Request issue

Reviewer Check-list

  • Reviewed the diff jobs to confirm changes are as expected
  • No changes shown in the diffs not associated with this MR - This may require a rebase or further investigation

Applier Check-list

  • Make sure there is no ongoing deployment for the affected envs before merging (see #announcements slack channel)
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