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    Benoît Minisini authored
    * NEW: 'gb.desktop' is now a pure Gambas component that relies on 
      'gb.desktop.x11' and 'gb.desktop.gnome.keyring'.
    * NEW: This new component offers a bunch of helper functions that allows to
      deal with the low-level X11 library.
    * NEW: This component has been renamed as 'gb.desktop.gnome.keyring'.
    * NEW: This component was named 'gb.desktop.gnome' before. It allows to 
      store and retrieve passwords from the GNOME 2 keyring.
    * OPT: A little optimization in the DirChooser control.
    git-svn-id: svn://localhost/gambas/trunk@6260 867c0c6c-44f3-4631-809d-bfa615b0a4ec
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