doc.css: Table, caption styling fixes

FeRD (Frank Dana) requested to merge ferdnyc/ui-bundle:table-styles into stg

This MR incorporates some portions of the upstream doc.css file. (Large chunks of which are commented out, since we don't use upstream's default table styling... but those still help with navigation, when comparing the two files.) Then it adjusts some other local rules to match upstream, and makes some adjustments and additions, primarily for dark-mode styling.

  • Adopt upstream styling for captions: Bolder, slightly smaller text (However, leave table captions centered over table and non-italic)

  • Add dark-mode style variant for horizontal rules

  • Set the root content color to match the dark/light mode (was previously hardcoded to #333)

  • Import/conform-to big chunks of upstream doc.css table styles (but comment out the default border styling we don't use)

  • Make dark-mode table dividers muted, as in light mode, instead of sharing a fixed color

  • Give content added by jqueryui-datatables dark mode styles

  • Reduce huge vertical space between table and datatables' info text ("Showing A to B of N entries")

  • Dark mode support for dataTables row striping, hover highlighting (implemented by jqueryui-datatables, but only compatible with light mode)

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