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Blokada anti-features: Paid features and trackers

ignoramous requested to merge (removed):nonfree into master

Blokada upsells a paid VPN service right on the homescreen. Tagging the app as such, as it is an anti-feature as far as f-droid is concerned.

Blokada has stuble tracking in its code. For ex:

  1. is redirected through a known analytics company, rebrandly.

  2. Blokada generates unique-id per installation regardless of whether a user is a paying customer or not, and shares it with their servers.

  3. Blokada sets SOA records to "" whenever DNS resolutions are blocked. This is unnecessary and leaks identity to other installed apps as to what or who blocked the request.

  4. Blokada seems to aggressively construct a user-agent with a lot of revealing information about a user than necessary, and there's no way to opt-out of that.

  5. Also, there's no way to stop Blokada right now from contacting its servers to fetch "repo.json" which contains update channels, build-types, etc;

  6. Another annoying thing is Blokada downloading hostfiles from its mirrors instead, and not letting users disable that option and/or add their own mirrors I get why this is required for an app with an installation base as large as Blokada's but, for f-droid builds at least, there should be a switch to let me disable periodic blocklist updates from their mirrors. Note how these periodic updates coupled with an aggressive user-agent string, generating per-installation unique-id, and using rebrandly for url-based tracking completely breaks all notions of privacy that users of such an app are looking for.

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