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New app: Rview Gerrit Client - com.ruesga.rview

ix5 requested to merge (removed):add-rview into master

Upstream: Rview

Rview is a Gerrit client application for Android, which allows you to access a Gerrit instance to perform code reviews.


  • View open, merged or abandoned changes
  • Search for changes
  • Review and comment on changes
  • Edit files and publish new revisions
  • Compare the differences on any changed file textually and visually
  • and much more...

  • The app complies with the inclusion criteria
    • Check whether floss flavour really has all proprietary parts stripped out
      • Manually checked:
        • aceeditor/build.gradle
        • app/build.gradle
        • attachments/build.gradle
        • build.gradle
        • drawer/build.gradle
        • gerrit/build.gradle
        • wizard/build.gradle
      • With the floss gradle flavor, no proprietary parts are included
  • The original app author has been notified (and supports the inclusion)
  • All related fdroiddata and RFP issues have been referenced in this merge request
    • No related issues or RFPs
  • The upstream app source code repo contains the app metadata (summary/description/images/changelog/etc) in a Fastlane or Triple-T folder structure
  • Builds with fdroid build
    • Verify apart from CI
      • Manually installed on Phone
  • Releases are tagged

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