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Release FFUpdater 78.1.7 with signature files

Tobiwan requested to merge Tobiwan/fdroiddata:release_ffupdater_78_1_7 into master


  • The app complies with the inclusion criteria
  • All related fdroiddata and RFP issues have been referenced in this merge request
  • Builds with fdroid build EDIT: This question is strange. FFUpdater was already build previously by F-Droid ... so I guess yes?

Strongly Recommended

  • The upstream app source code repo contains the app metadata (summary/description/images/changelog/etc) in a Fastlane or Triple-T folder structure EDIT: I will do this for the next release
  • Releases are tagged


  • External repos are added as git submodules instead of srclibs
  • Multiple apks for native code

Closes fdroiddata#

I'm using this issue template for the first time. I hope that I did not make any mistakes 😄 I'm the maintainer of FFUpdater - see the link to this Gitlab user in the account description of the Github user

One question - can I delete older release entries from the .yml file or make the file shorter?

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