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Add support for non-apk files

Chirayu Desai requested to merge cde/fdroidclient:non-apk into master

Introduce FileInstaller, a way to handle media files from F-Droid

  • This installer is invoked when for non-apk/media files, and copies them to an appropriate folder on the sdcard.
  • We also introduce a FileInstallerActivity to ask for storage permissions at runtime, as needed by Android 6.0 and above, and handle the install/uninstall process.
  • A toast is shown with the install path after installation.


  • Manage Installed Apps screen doesn't show media files. This can be done later, by either adding the media files to the current installed apps screen, or creating a new screen.

Also includes: AppProvider: Use IS instead of = for suggestedApk calculation

  • For non apk files, the signature column would be NULL always, and in SQLite NULL = NULL is false, but NULL IS NULL is true.

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Closes #1023 (closed)

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