Prioritized Labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

  • PriorityHigh
    Issues that we should work on first above all others
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • PriorityLow
    Issues that we should work on last in terms of priority, assuming any other issues are solved
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • PriorityMedium
    Issues that we should work on first above all others, assuming there's nothing with higher priority
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • PriorityNormal
    Describes most issues that we want to do but don't necessarily advance our goals or target all of our users
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Other Labels

  • 1CA
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • ABP SDK Integration
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Analyse
  • Code Improvements
    Label to group code improvements the team wants to make in C1 2022
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc / adblockpluscore
  • Copy LGTM
  • Draft
  • Effort1 - Low
    Items with this label are an easy fix and might involve just copy changes, small design updates and translations, sometimes not even that
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Effort2 - Normal
    Items with this label suggest that what we're building is complex but pretty straightforward and doesn't take a lot of effort; e.g. New recommended filter lists
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Effort3 - Medium
    We use this label when we have some challenges to solve and the implementation has some complexity; e.g. creating the on-boarding flow, block elements section in the bubble UI, the Bubble UI teaser footer if we had to display certain messages depending on user interactions
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Effort4 - High
    Item takes significant effort and alignment; e.g.: Telemetry, Provide more flexibility with the notification system
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Good First Bug
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Implementation
  • Legal LGTM
  • MV3
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • Meta
  • Parity
    Indicate an issue related to parity with other ad blockers.
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc / adblockpluscore
  • QA
  • Release
    Label to access all release tickets
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc
  • StateBlocked
    To indicate if the issue is blocked either by other issue or requires input from other people
    eyeo / adblockplus / abc