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Replace Electron with Progressive Web App, deprecate Cockpit support

Chris Martin requested to merge cmart/exosphere:pwa into master

Fixes #316 (closed), #396 (closed), and #397 (closed). See those issues for context. Renders #223 (closed) moot.


Transition Plan (away from Electron + Cockpit support)

Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Timeline Now When this MR is merged 30 days after phase 1 begins 1 year after phase 2 begins
PWA Not offered Offered Offered Offered
Electron App Fully Supported Served with deprecation notice that points folks to web app or PWA Not served, only deprecation notice remains Not served at all, removed from codebase
Cockpit Service Deployed to New Instances Yes No, removed from codebase No No
Cockpit Interaction Display Yes Served with deprecation and security notice Not served, removed from codebase Not served, absent from codebase

Resources and notes

How to Test

  • Confirm that PWA is installable from on:
    • Linux
      • Chromium
    • Windows
      • Chromium
    • Mac OS
      • Chromium, may need to pass the #enable-desktop-pwas flag (source)
    • Android
      • Firefox
      • Chromium
    • iOS
      • Safari
  • After merge to master, confirm that Electron desktop app installed from package shows deprecation warning



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