Patch v1.08 Unofficial - Feb 14, 2016
      Rework of the Malady system, including all new sicknesses.  We use
      the Malady system for regular injuries now too.  Hand weapons are
      improved and several new kinds of weapons are added.  A number of
      new events are added.

Patch v1.07.1 Unofficial - Oct 10, 2015
      Squad menu has been reworked.
    The official Unofficial Patch of v1.07.1 was released. A few bugs
    were recorded in emails, in forums and between us in the Slack
    system.  Bug fixes for the squads have been fixed as have graphics
    updates. Minor bug fixes.  Patch v1.08 will be released December

Patch v1.07 Unofficial - Sep 27, 2015
      Our first patch brings 3rd and 4th level upgrades for Oxygen
      Recyclers and Power Generators.  A Jukebox is available for the
      pub to entertain patrons.  Gardens can be planted in single
      spaces, not requiring 3x3 as before.  A squad menu is introduced
      for managing multiple security teams.  Janitors now take over the
      corpse collection duty, freeing up doctors to focus on doctoring.