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    Redesign Python packaging for 'debops-tools' · 7d531934
    Maciej Delmanowski authored
    This is a redesign of the Python 'lib/debops-tools/' package to be the
    main 'debops' Python package again. This is done to synchronize the
    "debops-tools" version and DebOps monorepo version. It should also make
    installing 'debops' a bit more intuitive and accessible.
    Source package creation using Python setuptools resulted in the Python
    source files being put in the 'lib/debops-tools/debops/' subdirectory
    instead of the 'debops/' subdirectory of the generated tarball,
    therefore I moved the scripts to the root fo the monorepo. Otherwise the
    current scripts were not changed; this shouldn't impact usage of the
    Ansible roles/playbooks.
    The source package generated by Python setuptools will now included
    a LICENSE file, which was missing from the previous ones. The 'debops'
    package description and classification was also updated. Package
    versioning is done dynamically based on the 'git describe' result.
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