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Fix prctl on ppc64le

Pavel Filipenský requested to merge pfilipen/priv_wrapper:fixup into main

There is a fortify abort on ppc64le in test_prctl:

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted. 0x00007ffff7cbc72c in __pthread_kill_implementation () from /lib64/ (gdb) bt

Some backround from Florian Weimer

You've got this type definition, and I think that's the function pointer you use for the call:

| #ifdef HAVE_PRCTL | typedef int (*__libc_prctl)(int option, | unsigned long arg2, | unsigned long arg3, | unsigned long arg4, | unsigned long arg5); | #endif

That's not a variadic prototype, so the callee doesn't set up the parameter save area.

This is essentially the same issue that you had a while back with open/openat. (socket_wrapper@c7774174)

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