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A TAP producer for Praat - http://testanything.org

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An implementation of the Test Anything Protocol for Praat. The interface exposed by this plugin borrows from those in Test::Simple and Test::More.


include /path/to/plugin_tap/procedures/simple.proc

# Abort testing in critical case
if cricital_failure
  @bail_out("Testing is pointless!")

# Plan your test suite
# or @no_plan() if you don't know how many tests you'll run

# Run your tests
# @ok() interprets the first argument as boolean
# and the second argument as the name of the test
@ok(1, "1 is true")
@ok(if selected$("Sound") == "tone" then 1 else 0 fi,
  ... "selected sound is tone")
# or more succinctly
@ok(selected$("Sound") == "tone",
  ... "selected sound is tone")

# You can also use formulas
@ok_formula("selected$(""Sound"") == ""tone""",
  ... "selected sound is tone")

# Skip n tests that are known to fail
@skip(2, "skip next two tests)
@ok(0, "have selected sounds")  ; will "succeed" anyway
@ok(1, "defibrollate braggles") ; also skipped

@ok(0, "failing test")          ; no longer skipped!

# You can skip all tests until a certain point
@skip(undefined, "skip some more tests")
for i to randomInteger(5,10)
  @ok(0, "")                    ; all these will be skipped
@ok(0, "failing test")          ; this one will fail!

# You can mark tests as work in progress
# Failing a TODO test is ok, but passing it is a nice bonus!
@todo(1, "how do I brime a brock?")
@ok(brimed$, "try briming")

# Or mark a whole block as TODO
@todo(undefined, "more tests as TODO")
for i to randomInteger(5,10)
  @ok(0, "")                    ; all these will be marked as TODO

# Mark the end of your suite