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  • 0.7.8   Fixes #21 - Adds compatibility with Python 3.5.0.
  • 0.7.7   v.0.7.7 Getter for logerrorscheckerutils.i_errors_hard_drive Logs are loaded and joined before searching for errors. Implemented -x --columns. When passed minimum fixed screen will be 130. Implemented -y --rows. When passed minimum fixed screen will be 50. Special fix to make it work in Docker. The Width and Height at which the screen is rendered is displayed on the Bottom.
    Release 0.7.7
  • 0.7.6   v.0.7.6 Implemented -h --help Implemented -n --iterations for doing a number of iterations and then leaving. For automation. Implemented -s --sleep for waiting seconds. Impremented -b --blackandwait support. Fixed #9 Black and Color mode displays blue or yellow colors Implemented method to search for hard drive errors of the type: blk_update_request: I/O error v.0.7.5 Fixed RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration when making disappear a Network, by disconnecting a VPN or shutting down a Docker Container, or removing virtual interfaces. Added support for RabbitMQ Error: AMQP server xxxx:5672 closed the connection. Check login credentials: Socket closed: IOError: Socket closed Added support for parameters. Added support for -v or --version to display version message.
    Release 0.7.6
  • 0.7.4   v.0.7.4 Added error count for Memory Error and RabbitMQ. Fixed issue #6 Network Interfaces not disappearing after the Docker Contained and it's virtual network is gone. v.0.7.3 Fixed bug #4 in osutils.py that does not catch exception if /proc/1/cgroup does not exist. Fixes bug #5 Percentage of Memory Free was calculated in GB. If your system was using less than 1 GB, then Memory Free was displayed as 0%. Added Memory Read Error to the list of errors. Detected and Displayed if VM is OpenStack. Fixed paths for tests with pytest. Increased Code Coverage of DateTime class to 100%. v.0.7.2 Added Changelog file. Increased functionality in FileUtils Class. Added Full code coverage tests for FileUtils. Closes #3. Space disaligned when a Network Interface has lots of traffic. Added more space for more GiB transmitted. Added separators for fields. Added errors in Logs: Errors in Kernel.
    36d7fa5d · Updated changelog. ·
    Release 0.7.4